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Mission-led tech hiring for People and Planet


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Hi, we’re the tech network. We’re a team of talent partners and community builders that help you build your tech for good products, by introducing you to the talent that wants to go on your journey.

We work with tech for good businesses in the US and UK, solving problems in:

People: Health – Tech | Med – Tech | Ed- Tech Planet: Renewables | Sustainability | Environment

A mission-led approach to talent sourcing that reduces your time to hire and builds your culture

In a world of similar tech stacks and hybrid or remote working, it’s easy for your vacancies to be lost in the crowd.

Our mission–led approach enables us to cut through all the noise and tell your story in a compelling way to our bespoke tech for good talent pools.

We’ll listen to your story, understand the problem you’re solving and how your products are helping people and the planet. We’ll work with you to spread the word and position you as a tech for good employer of choice.

You’ll experience faster delivery of the candidates that share your values and buy into your mission, resulting in a reduced time to hire and greater team retention.

Unlock the hard to reach talent with our bespoke Tech for Good Talent pooling

We need to share your narrative with people that really care about the problem you’re solving and how your products benefit the world.

Our team of Talent Partners and Community Builders are adding to these pools on daily basis, tagging them with their relevant tech for good experience.

When you’re hiring, we go straight to those people, increasing our engagement and the volume of the profiles that we introduce you to.

Whether it’s a niche single hire, a full team scale or flexible contractor solution, we’ve got you covered…


During my time at CF, Lee has provided lot of tech and data profiles. Lee communication was very effective and clear, needing only a few touchpoints to adjust the requirements on our side. Lee worked in full autonomy and was sending us high quality candidates resulting to multiple hires from Designer UX/UI, Data Analyst, Frontend developer to Product Manager across permanent and contractor roles.

Technical Lead at CF Healthcare

The Tech Network seamlessly fit in. They quickly understood our requirements in terms of tech stack and the blueprint of the people we hire, building relationships with our key stakeholders to understand their specific needs. In a fiercely competitive talent market, they were able to deliver accurate introductions, with 100% requested for interview. We would not have been able to scale at the rate we did, without the help of The Tech Network

Talent Partner, Truepill

Thanks to Lee we found a great candidate for a software developer role. He is very focused and gets the job done. I thoroughly recommend.

Michael GrantDirector at ICRT

Found Lee when struggling with recruiting PHP developers. Turned around the perfect candidate within a week. Highly recommend.

Stewart ReynoldsCOO at Shopblocks

Lee and his team took a refreshingly honest approach and worked with us as partners, they delivered some fantastic candidates in a short period of time in a competitive market and embraced our processes.

Kate TuvesonHead of recruitment, Clear Channel

Lee has many commendable qualities that make him an honest supplier and strong leader; dependable, intelligent, hard-working, intuitive...As a supplier he has consistently delivered.

Toby MunsonTalent Manager, Dunnhumby

Some of our valued clients

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If you have any questions, or aren’t sure, get in touch. Whether you are an employer looking for your next hire or a developer looking for your next job we can help you get on track.

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